Nanda Ormond Raw E-Mail


Jul 21 (3 days ago)

to me

Hey dRama Rants-on

Thanks for the good luck wishes and hopes that I am happy in the subject line, I would be pretty happy if it wasn’t for you trying to destroy my entire family and everyone I love but you know, it’s a nice sentiment.

Yep that was me that reported your totally hateful, hurtful and completely untrue call outs to Nimai and me on Instagram. I don’t know if you even know Nims, you definitely never hung out with him, so after like 15 years  away suddenly claiming you know all about him and bullying him and his wife is completely bananas man, so yeah I checked that shit and I’m glad instagram did something about it. You are being a total fucking bully man.

So you want to know why I haven’t responded to any of your e-mails? Well as inviting and enticing as they are, there are perhaps one or two things which made me a bit unsure about whether you are really offering your friendship or not…

“Dude what the fuck man? Are you really a fucking cult member?”

“Yo what’s up with your real dad?

Varo and Jan sure fuckin cult smacked that dude out of the picture,”

“Let me spell it out, bro


“Say something back Nanda, you fucking pussy.”

“You are not a man or even a human, Nanda, until you stop acting like a cult member, brainwashed mu’fucka!”

“Be a fuckin man, not Varo’s little bitch boy.”

“Does your fucking brain work?”

“Here you go Nandies, you pathetic fuck.

Good luck with your image and career, shithead.”

“better reply quick, mate.”

Scattered throughout your emails are these venomous threats, demands, accusations and lies, all things which I feel are not very friendly. As a first point, you do not accuse someone or their family of being a brainwashed CULT freak and expect them to say “ OH WOW, totally! Hey man haven’t seen you in years “ . That immediately comes across as an insult Rama, that’s bad friending ok?

Secondly, the reason I blocked you on FB is the same reason I don’t want to talk to you, you lie about people I love and care about. When I saw you started posting stuff about this ” cult ” that you’d escaped and how they are all ” sick fucks ” I immediately realised you meant your parents, who as you so often say I grew up with practically as my own, so I was like “Well he’s crazy… ” and I blocked you. They’re not “ SICK FUCKS “, they’re really loving, wonderful people, as are my parents. Here are some things you’ve been saying about your parents and bro…


• You will truly suffer from your hideous actions. Run and tell that, SoI spooks, you are slimy worms. get a real life.

ROBYN LYNN RANSON and SUDAMA PETER RANSON a.k.a. LAKSMANA DAS RANSON are the biggest scumbags to ever walk the face of the earth.

• If what I say makes you cry, good, I am glad it is finally in your face.

And my parents…

One thing is for certain, Robyn Ranson and Jan Ormond absolutely love heartlessly molding,

conditioning and programming the youngest, fresh baby and young children’s minds into a

completely brainwashed servant of Chris…  “

“you are complicit in this extremely disgusting child abuse.”

“Also, it’s going to be a lot of fun when I visit Nana and Grandad, eh? should I call you a cunt

to your face? Or just a cult member?”

“ …absolutely naming Jan as helping enable my mother’s abuse, absolutely backing up her actions …”

Way to strengthen the bonds of friendship Rama, you fucken psycho. The things you are saying about both of our parents are crazy, untrue, and so hurtful! As if I’d want to talk to you and AS IF you are trying to be my friend, you fucken idiot.

Thirdly, if someone doesn’t want to talk to you, that is actually their choice. Their FREEDOM Rama. If you harass them or threaten them with defamation if they don’t respond, that’s bad friending too Rama. That’s something a fanatic CULT member would do. It’s Very bad friending.

Fourthly, you sound very stupid when you accuse people of things you know nothing about just because you know nothing about them. I went and had great times with my Dad most holidays whenever he lived in NZ, which he didn’t always do. Pretty hard for my Dad to come hang on the weekend from Germany, Rama, Quite a long flight you know. This level of  ignorance is evident in all of your wild babblings.

Fifthly, I like conspiracy movies too but the script you cooked up about my dads villa rental business is lame man. VILLA RENTAL BUSINESS ACTUALLY FRONT FOR CULT DRUG SOMETHIGN OR SOEMTHIG is a shit title for a movie. I mean I’ve always wanted to be in a crazy movie and have car chases with drug lords but your script sucks, Even the Da Vinci code is more compelling, more plausible. Even that really bad movie with Nicholas Cage and the treasure map bank note is better, and that’s a fucken bad movie.

Sixthly, paranoid stoner conspiracy theorists are so 90s man! You’ve got to get out of that shit, it’s embarrassing. You were more fun when you believed in aliens and that bill clinton was a reptile back in Hawaii, stick to that shit man. This new trip you’re on is such a bummer for all of us. Put down your bong and go for a skate,  you’re baked!

There are so many reasons I didn’t want to talk to you but here I am talking to you. It’s not because of some Cult edict or instruction, I just don’t like talking to assholes. I’m hoping that this will give you some satisfaction, because I want you to stop attacking all the people I love, who loved you. I’m pretty sure it won’t make you feel better, but it seems to be what you want so I’ll try and satisfy you.

However you look at it, your claim that you want to help me and be my friend is on all counts obviously bullshit. You do not act like a friend, you publicly claim to be but behind the scenes you scream and froth and threaten my parents and me, what you really want is for me to listen to you while you insult and degrade my family and friends, tell me how brainwashed I am and how fucked my life is, how stupid I am and how you’re the only smart one among all of us “ brainwashsed, born in, conditioned “  that can see the “ Truth “ .

What Truth are you offering me really Rama? None. You’re offering a choice between my family and loved ones or a friendship with an angry,  asshole who has burnt everyone who has ever loved him in his life? Not a very sweet deal Rama. What would I then do if you liberated me from my supposedly deluded brainwashed condition, O enlightened one? Would you then force me in to your crusade against my family, would we tag team them with TWO blogs bashing them? Imagine what sort of cool theories we could come up with then! It always annoyed me how my dad picked at his heel, is that kind of like abuse? Hey maybe we could Start our OWN cult! You sure seem to know lots about them, and you sound and act exactly like a deranged CULT fanatic who has to force his views on everyone, and if they don’t respond or agree then FUCK THEM. Are you not exhibiting everything you’re supposedly fighting against?

It is exceedingly clear to me that you are tripping dude. You’re on a bad trip, not because of your upbringing, which was in my memory practically a constant birthday party filled with skateboards and nintendos, or your parents, who anyone who has met them knows are sane, intelligent, lovely people,  but because of you. You are completely responsible for all of the suffering which you are clearly going through right now. Trying to make it everyone else’s problem is only making it worse for you, deepening your pain, and yet for some reason you keep persisting. They say insanity is doing something again and again and expecting different results, well then you are insane. This crusade you are on won’t make you happy Rama, If you can’t see that it’s YOU that cut YOURSELF off  from your parents and YOU whose lies are causing all this pain for people and YOU who needs to be helped out of their delusion then you are fucking insane. You are the “shithead” actually. Your whole life now seems to be based around lies, hate, and anger, and you are the one choosing to live like that, so stop making it our problem. And stop pretending you are trying to help us, this is an entirely megalomaniac crusade to satisfy your own desires, whatever the fuck they are.  At some point I felt sorry for you but we are past that point now I think… I don’t know, no I do feel sorry for you. It must be horrible being trapped in your increasingly insane mind, but that doesn’t excuse what you are doing. So fucken stop it, seriously.

Get some help, not from these cult fanatic conspiracists you roll with now who are encouraging your twisted fantasies, but from some people who can actually help you. You are not happy, that is obvious, so change what you are doing.




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